Bumper Repair

Experienced & Professional Bumper Repair in Buffalo, NY

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bumper repair at allstar collision and paint in buffalo ny

Looking for Bumper Repair?
We'll Repair, Repaint, or Replace it at a Reasonable Price.

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Our professional auto body and bumper repair technicians repair scuffed, dented, crooked, or broken bumpers. Whenever possible, our techs will repair small and localized dents and damages by sanding them down, filling the scratches or dents in, and repainting your auto bumper.

A lot of dealerships and collision shops will always replace your bumper, which can cost a lot of time and money. Limiting the bumper repair to just the damaged area can save days in the repair process, keep almost all of the auto paint on your car original, and preserve the value of your vehicle.
bumper repair at allstar collision in Buffalo, NY

Turning in a Lease, Selling, or Trading in Your Car?

Bumper dents and damage are common. If you're turning your leased vehicle in, having us go over your bumper could save you from extra dealer fees in the long run. A simple buff and repaint is a lot cheaper than a full bumper replacement from the dealership, which they may charge you for, and at full price.

If you're selling or trading in your vehicle to get a new car, get full asking price and sell your car faster by having dents and scratches to your bumper repaired and painted. Having a car free of dents and scratches can make a huge difference in the look and curb appeal of a car. To have a technician go over your bumper and give you a free estimate in Buffalo, NY, give us a call.
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