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The Best Auto Body Paint & Automotive Paint Repair in Buffalo, NY

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Our Professional Paint Technicians Will Erase Your Car's Damage. Completely.

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Have you recently been in an accident? If your prized possession has been damaged, don’t just turn to any old body shop. Turn to the pros here at Allstar Collision & Paint. Buffalo, Amherts and surrounding areas have been trusting us with its cars since 1960!

From partial to complete auto body repair and paint and automotive paint repair jobs, we can do it all. Our collision center Amherst team knows that after you’ve been in an accident, you often want to fix the damage right away. If you’re like us, you probably don’t have time to leave your car in the shop for few days, either. That’s why we work quickly and efficiently so you can get your car back ASAP and go on with your daily routine. 

Need to get your vehicle towed for repairs? Check out our Towing Services available for Buffalo and surrounding areas.

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Computerized Paint Matching for a 100% Match. Guaranteed.

Whether you notice them at first or not, dents happen all the time. When ignored, even minor dents can rust in the Buffalo, NY weather and create more expensive problems. Bring in your vehicle to the pros at Allstar Collision and Paint and we’ll restore your vehicle so it shines once again. Call us today to schedule your auto dent repair appointment.

You Will Forget Where Your Car Even Got Hit. And So Will Everyone Else.

Once we’re done with your paint job, your car will look as good as new. When you put your needs in our hands, we always deliver. And you can be sure that we will go above and beyond to make sure our customer service, along with our results, are exemplary. So after an accident, no matter how minor or major, give us a call here at Allstar Collision & Paint, and we’ll set up your auto body paint service. 

5 Additional Factors You Didn’t Know Were Damaging Your Auto Body Paint

Bugs: Dead bugs stuck to the outside of your car contain high levels of acid, which can get into your paint and cause chipping.  You may also need minor bumper repair due to damages caused by the bugs.

Extensive Sun Exposure: When a car sits out in the sun for a substantial amount of time, the paint will begin to fade. 

Fingerprints: A fingerprint on a car could promote the chance for dirt and debris to be ground into the paint, causing damage and chipping. 

Water: Water contains minerals which with prolonged exposure to rain/snow can produce water spots on your vehicle.
Tree Sap: If you allow tree sap to sit on your car for too long, it will eventually break down and wear away the clear coat of paint. This can cause both staining and discoloration.  

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